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  • Rich Lazzara
  • RICH LAZZARA is a third generation yacht builder and has spent over 20 years in the industry. Having grown up working in his grandfathers factory at Gulfstar, he has a first hand knowledge of yacht engineering, processes and construction. Rich was responsible for developing the sales team and international dealers that eventually grew the Lazzara Yacht family business to a $100m yacht company in 2008. In addition his ability to utilize the most modern sales tools such as social networking, websites, direct email and mobile has allowed him to precisely meet the needs of clients around the world. His combination of yacht building pedigree mixed with leading edge marketing technology have afforded him a high level of sales success.

  • Tony Lazzara
  • As a “third generation” boat builder Tony was born to be in the boat business, literally. His Grandfather was a pioneer in the yachting industry and is credited with being one of the first people to build a fiberglass sailboat. Vince Lazzara went on to start several companies over his career including Columbia Yachts and later Gulf Star. Dick Lazzara Tony’s father went on to start world renowned Lazzara Yachts in 1990 and are still making yachts till this day. While Tony did not immediately join the family business out of college he did succumb to his passion for boats and joined Lazzara Yachts in 2004. Tony eventually was tasked with heading up Lazzara Yachts world renowned Customer Service department. It was here that Tony developed the tools to be successful as a sales person and establish customers for life.

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